What Our Students Have to Say

“Maidu gives you options and a lot of freedom. I like the teachers because they are nice and good people that you can really connect with. You can tell that they really care about their students.” ~T. Kawata

“I love the one-on-one teaching! I go at my own pace. At my old school I was always either ahead of the class or behind it. Here, my teacher and I work together to set my pace. I believe Maidu has prepped me wonderfully for college. I have developed study, reading, and comprehension skills that I lacked.” ~A.Sullivan

“Maidu has helped me focus on school instead of the constant drama that comes with public high school programs. Students feel a self worth and confidence in getting their work done.” ~H. McFarland

Is Maidu High School for you? Think about what kind of learner you are. Do you want the freedom of your classroom to be wherever you want or need it to be? Do you enjoy completing school assignments at home or other places? Would you rather figure things out for yourself rather than have a teacher explain everything? Are you good at setting goals and working toward them? Do you see school as a place full of distractions?

If you can answer yes to some of the above questions, Maidu High School could be for you! Maidu is a school where students take responsibility for their learning. If you work best from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, that’s OK. But if you would rather not do any school work at all, Maidu probably isn’t a good setting for you. Students who have trouble at Maidu are often not motivated to succeed. Students who thrive with us are those who want to learn the required material at their own pace and also follow their interests for elective learning.

What Is Attending Maidu Like?

You will meet with your advisor every week, in person or via email or chat, to determine what you’ve completed and what your assignments for the coming week are. You will have weekly goals of work to turn in and assessments to complete. Your courses will use online materials as well as textbooks. The big assessments (end of unit or midterm) will be proctored, and some smaller assessments will be completed by you online so you know how well you’re doing.

Most students take about 25-30 hours per week to complete their assignments. That’s a combination of academic and elective work, including PE activities. You are responsible for when and where you will complete your assignments, getting help when you need it, and making progress towards graduation.