Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get into college if I graduate from Maidu?

Yes! Maidu High School offers a rigorous, standards-based education. We are WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited, and our coursework meets University of California a-g requirements. When you graduate, you will receive a standard diploma, recognized by all institutions of higher learning. In addition, our students report that Maidu High School prepared them for college by teaching them to take responsibility for their own learning. Students also learn to access information in texts, a very important skill for college.

How will I contact my teachers?

Your main teacher, known as an advisor, will be available to you for weekly appointments if you are part of the “blended” program. You will have access by email, chat, and telephone with all of your teachers on weekdays, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

What is my parents’ role in online education?

At Maidu we understand that some students require more structure than others. We communicate frequently with parents, especially if assignments are not being completed. Ninth and tenth graders especially need a little more structured guidance in meeting their weekly goals. We make sure parents have enough information to help their child succeed.

How much time will it take to be a student at Maidu?

We ask that students work on their courses from 25-30 hours per week, about the same amount they would spend in a regular school. This time is focused on task, so some students will be able to make rapid progress through their courses with this amount of time.

How does PE work online?

Students at Maidu need 20 credits of PE to graduate. We encourage students to exercise and participate in sports of their own choosing. Students need to satisfy a few requirements. There is a semester maximum of 10 credits of PE allowed, except in special circumstances.

Are there elective courses at Maidu?

Maidu offers many electives. Often students are able to follow their own interests and learn a subject they enjoy to earn elective credit. We also have several directed study electives, like cooking, calligraphy, clothing and fashion, consumer skills, and personal development, which have books or packets to direct learning. One of our very popular electives is Recreational Reading, where students choose books they want to read and earn credit by reading them and logging the time. This is particularly good for students who need to improve their reading skills.

What if I need help with my basic skills?

Most students who enroll at Maidu will need to be “blended” students if they have trouble with reading or math. Some of their coursework can be completed online, but they will need extra support to bring up their skills so they can be successful independently. We believe this is one of the best parts of our program, because we have the facilities to offer students a place to come and study. We have an intervention teacher who can help identify and improve reading and math skills.

Are There Standardized Tests at Maidu?

Yes. Because we are a public California High School, all students who are not seniors will take the STAR testing every spring. Tenth graders take the California High School Exit Exam in March, and those who have not yet passed it have opportunities to retake it as 11th and 12th graders.