Maidu High School has been a part of the Placer Union High School District for over 30 years. We serve students who prefer attending a virtual high school or an online and independent study program blend for their high school experience. We are a small school, meeting the needs of 150-250 ninth through twelfth grade students each year. Our graduating class in 2016 was over 70 students. Maidu is fully accredited through WASC with a current six year accreditation. All Maidu teachers are credentialed and highly qualified in their subject areas.

The Independent and Online Study Program

At Maidu High School, we believe that not all students learn the same way and that not all students need to spend time in a structured classroom in order to learn effectively. Our program is built so that students can have a variety of educational experiences. Each student has an advisor who helps them keep track of their progress towards earning a diploma. Students will be able to complete all of their graduation requirements in an online environment. Because of the unique flexibility and experience of our teachers, students will have access to support and guidance as they work toward their high school diploma. Some students will thrive in a purely online environment attending a virtual school, while others will excel in a blended environment, where they have access to teacher support and small group classes. Students can also choose a traditional independent study model and come to the Maidu campus every week to meet with their advisor and participate in enrichment or core classes.

Our School Mission Statement

Maidu High School is committed to providing a creative and supportive environment where students and staff are given opportunities to discover purpose, seek resources, and create experiences for learning and personal growth.