What’s new at Maidu High School?

Enjoy the freedom that learning can bring you by attending Maidu High School. You can enjoy distance learning anywhere – anytime! You can meet with teachers online or in person as desired or required. You have the choice of taking online courses, blended online course and traditional independent study courses. You can take both core and elective classes completely online or with added support and assistance. You can attend a virtual high school!

How do you want to learn?

At Maidu, we offer a student the flexibility to earn a high school education in a variety of different ways. Do you want to attend a complete virtual high school? You can. Do you want to take a course online but still receive the support of one-on-one instruction? You can. Would you like to take some high school courses completely online, but get one-one or small group instruction in others? You can.


You can attend Maidu for free of charge. As a student attending Maidu you can attend a school that is shaped and molded to your individual learning needs. The focus is on you as a student and your particular learning style. You have the choice to study when it’s best for you. If you need help in a subject area you can get small group and individualized teaching. You can move forward in a subject at your own pace.

What does Maidu High School offer you?

Maidu High School is an online learning program and independent study program. The school is fully accredited through WASC with a current six year accreditation. . All teachers are highly qualified and credentialed in their subject areas. Courses offered at Maidu satisfy “a-g” eligibility requirements for California State Universities, Universities of California, and California Community Colleges. As a Maidu student you can take part in field trips, student groups, and yearbook. You can enjoy concurrent enrollment classes and extracurricular activities that are available at all PUHSD campuses (this does not include interscholastic sports). Maidu is based in Auburn, California and serves the following counties: Placer County, El Dorado County, Nevada County, Sacramento County, Sutter County, Yuba County. Maidu High School is part of the Placer Union High School District.

Maidu LCAP Survey

Maidu LCAP Survey

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Maidu LCAP Survey